Headlight restoration

I’m sure you’ve already seen a project like this online like hundred times already but that doesn’t stop me on posting my own take.

here are the stuffs that I used, grit 1200 and grit 2000……….

and plastX to finish it. The idea is to remove the damaged surface of your headlight with fine sandpaper starting from lower grit to the finest grit you can find and polish it with a rubbing compound.

Here’s before…….

and after. Not the best angle to show the difference but this is the best photo I got. I also done this on my tail lights and side markers and i got the same new like result.

Like new again except for that hood I need to work on that haha….maybe on next update.



Just sharin’… I’ve seen this Pajero a couple of years ago posted at sulit.com.ph(that explains the low resolution image) and I just think this looks badass

Been lazy again these past few days, just spending hours in front of the computer doing research.  I can’t even give this site a little update.  So I’ll just share this Flickr find from Ian Magbanua.

I dig the industrial feel of this, seems like a photo shoot for Rota.

Lots of this can be found in his page so it safe to say he’s a huge VW fan.

Bitin?! don’t fret he’s already cooking something up so expect more of these in the future for the meantime you can check his Flickr page here.